20 - 22 NOVEMBER 2024


The MIE Group unveils the 2023 edition of the Africa Food Show in Casablanca

La 5e édition de l’Africa Food Show se tiendra à Casablanca

With over 23 years' experience in the MENA region, the MIE Group is set to launch a major event that will bring together the key players in Africa's food industry. Scheduled to take place from November 21 to 23, 2023, the Africa Food Show will be held at the Office des Changes in Casablanca (CICEC), offering an ideal setting for establishing meaningful business relationships.

The MIE Group has forged a solid reputation for connecting over 300 players in the agri-food industry through the organization of large-scale international exhibitions. Thanks to its innovative "one-stop shop" approach, the company facilitates the development of business opportunities, fostering fruitful exchanges between companies from diverse backgrounds.

The Africa Food Show will bring together over 10 exhibiting countries and is expected to welcome at least 7,500 national and international visitors. This major event will take place in Morocco, a country at the heart of the MIE Group's development strategy. Morocco is recognized as a key player in trade and investment in Africa, particularly with China. The consolidation of Sino-Moroccan relations offers valuable opportunities to stimulate economic growth in the region.

Zahoor Ahmed, vice-president of strategy and partnerships at Groupe MIE, emphasizes their role as "Foreigner Business Drivers" and "incubators of relationships with foreign countries". Thanks to their multiple editions covering various sectors, they have unrivalled expertise in developing successful international relationships. Othmane Mediouni, Country Manager MIE Morocco, emphasizes the importance of the Africa Food Show as an extraordinary opportunity to explore the agri-food sector in depth. The event will feature a dozen seminars led by industry experts, as well as high-quality networking that will foster the creation of partnerships essential to the country's economic development.

The MIE Group already has significant experience in organizing international events. In 2022, the 5th Morocco Food Expo was held in Casablanca, bringing together 130 brands from 17 different countries. This event consolidated its position as the largest food industry show in the North African region, covering all aspects of this fast-growing sector.

The MIE Group demonstrates a clear vision to stimulate business opportunities in Africa and strengthen links between national and international companies. With the Africa Food Show, Casablanca becomes the meeting point for key players in the agri-food industry, paving the way for new opportunities and a significant step forward for the country.

Reference: https://www.challenge.ma/le-groupe-mie-devoile-ledition-2023-de-lafrica-food-show-a-casablanca-270329/

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