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Tangier Med 4th most efficient port in the world

Tangier Med 4th most efficient port in the world

Tanger Med is positioned in the Top 5 of the most efficient ports in the world. This is confirmed by the World Bank report, “World Container Port Performance Index” (CPPI) which classifies Tangier Med as the fourth most efficient port in the world.

Operational since 2007, the Tanger Med port has continued to grow thanks to the constant investment of the Moroccan executive in this industry. Tanger Med, this Moroccan industrial-port complex, located on the south shore of the Strait of Gibraltar, has been ranked in the TOP 5 of the 348 container ports in the world, it is said in the report published by the World Bank “World Container Port Performance Index” (CPPI).

The document “The Container Port Performance Index 2022: a comparable performance assessment based on ship time in port” co-authored by the World Bank with input from external contributors such as S&P Global Market Intelligencea company dedicated to providing industrial financial data, research and analysis for different fields is very complimentary to Ie port of Tangier Med.

According to the report published by the World Bank, concerning the efficiency of port centers, the port of Tangier Med which ranks at the foot of the world podium, behind the terminal of Yangshan (China) on the highest step, of Salalah (Oman) second and Khalifa (Abu Dhabi) in third place, is the most efficient port in the Mediterranean. It should be noted that the ports of Casablanca and Agadir rank respectively 159 and 252nd in the ranking established by the WB.

In Europe, the Port of Algeciras (Spain) tops the list at 16th place, while in North America the two highest ranked ports are Wilmington, North Carolina (44th) and the Port of Virginia ( 52nd). Ports in Latin America are not left behind, the report says, noting that the port of Cartagena, Colombia, now stands out in 5th place, while the port of Posorja, Ecuador, occupies 19th place in the ranking.

That said, according to the port authorities of Tanger Med, this port center operates with more than 50% of total Moroccan exports and is a determining factor in the dynamics of trade with Europe. The Tanger Med port has a capacity of 5 million TEUs (official container measurement of 6.1 m).

An extension, launched in 2019, which is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2025, should give Tanger Med a total capacity of 9 million TEUs. This will make it the port with the greatest capacity in the Mediterranean, well ahead of the port of Valencia, Spain (5.6 million) and the port of Piraeus, Greece with (5.3 million). Connected to more than 180 ports around the world, it exports 1 million new vehicles and handles 7 million passengers and 700,000 trucks per year.

The results of this report, further provide the possibility of identifying defects within the commercial port infrastructures so that all the spaces concerned can achieve the best performance of the activities carried out in the port centers.

Efficiency, assessed by the World Bank, takes into account parameters such as the frequency of weekly departures, berths within specific deadlines or the fixed sequence of calls. It takes into account in addition to these parameters, others such as the time of arrival, the inactivity of the quays and the operations of freight, the index compares the performances of time in 348 ports in the world.

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