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Foire Internationale de Casablanca



December 6 – 8 2018 at FoireInternationale de Casablanca (AMDIE)

Casablancato host for the second consecutive time the biggest commercial fair andexhibition of Chinese high quality products and services in North Africa.

CASABLANCA, Nov. 13 – Thecity of Casablanca will host from December 6 – 8 2018, for the secondconsecutive time, the biggest commercial fair and exhibition and Chinese B2Bexchange platform, the China Trade Week (CTW) Morocco to be held at FoireInternationale de Casablanca (AMDIE).Organised by Chinese group MIE Events DMCC and supported by public andprivate institutions in China, this Sino-Moroccan professional platformrepresents another milestone along the New Silk Road, baptised as the “Belt andRoad Initiative”. The fair aims to contribute to the growing trade relationsbetween China and Morocco, too. With more than 200 exhibitors, CTW Morocco showcaseshigh quality products and services of different industries from across China.

Morocco: Astrategic hub as part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)

The first edition of CTW Morocco held in December2017 was a successful inaugural event, demonstrating that Morocco now considersChina as an important emerging country. For their part, Chinese investors areoptimistic about the huge potential of the Moroccan market.

CTW Morocco aims to continue to play animportant role in lifting business and trade relations between the twocountries to the next level.

The recently Sino-Moroccan summit held inCasablanca in partnership with CGEM (Confédération Générale des Enterprises duMaroc). “The strategy of reviving the Silk Road initiated by Chinese PresidentXi Jinping has triggered a positive echo in Morocco which is considered as animportant regional hub bearing the best features,” said Sean Xiao, VicePresident, MIE Events. For Mr. Xiao, “The Moroccan economic model, thecountry’s ambitions, infrastructure and openness are its economic weight whichpredispose the Kingdom as an economic engine and ideal partner for the dynamicsampling and acceleration of bilateral exchanges with China.”

Following the landmark visit of King Mohammed VI of Morocco toChina in May 2016, a total of 15 agreements have been signed between majorChinese and Moroccan entities. In 2017, bilateral exchange between the two countries increased 5.3percent year on year to reach 3.83 billion U.S. dollars[1].

The relations between China and Morocco have just taken a new stage. Earlierthis year, a Chinese delegation composed of institutional representatives andprivate businessmen visited Casablanca in order to participate at the Moroccan-ChineseEconomic Forum (Forum économique Maroc-Chine organised by la Confédérationgénérale des entreprises du Maroc (CGEM)) held in partnership with the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade(CCPIT). à

Represented by Faïçal Mekouar, Vice-President General, CGEM, and Jiang Zengwei, Chairman,CCPIT, the two sides benefitted from signing a Memorandum of Understanding withthe objective of strengthening Sino-Moroccan relations and cooperation. The twoparties agree in particular to create a “Council of Silk Route Affairs” towhich both organizations pledge to adhere, which will endorse the previousagreement signed between the two countries in 2017 in Beijing regarding BRI.

CTW Morocco is part of the international program designed by MIE Events andaimed at supporting China's economic cooperation with Africa and the MiddleEast.

The biggest series of Chinese commercial fairs, CTWMorocco has already set benchmarks with fairs held previously in the UnitedArab Emirates, Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia and Ghana. In 2019, CTW will be expandingthe portfolio and take it taken to the next level through expanding to SaudiArabia, Rwanda, Uganda, Nigeria and Senegal.

ChinaTrade Week: Show window of high-quality products “Made in China”

CTW Morocco offers and facilitatesopportunities and investment options in the following sectors in areas ofcommon interest which comprise energy, infrastructure and technology. During the course of the fair, a series of highly informative seminarswill provide Moroccan businessmen the opportunity to engage with their Chinesecounterparts and to learn about best practices on how to do business in China.

As a key event showcasing premium quality goods andcommodities, “China Trade Week Morocco plays an important role in improving existingbusiness and trade relations between the Kingdom and China,” said Zahoor Ahmed,International Events Director, MIE Events. “As Chinese-Moroccan relations growstronger - both countries just observed the 60th anniversary of their diplomatic ties while Morocco haspledged to support BRI – CTW Morocco as a regular held exhibition betweenChinese and Moroccan entrepreneurs and companies can help entrepreneurs andcompanies of every size to feel the pulse of these growing business relationsand to benefit from networking, deal-making and learning at our fair and theparallel seminars,”explained Mr. Ahmed.

As Director-General MIE Events, David Wang, stated“CTW is a unique stage for the local professional community to meet producersand distributors from China and to benefit from high quality products offeredat competitive prices." Mr. Wang added: “The continuous building of traderelations is at the core of this event and we welcome all attendees to meetwith specialist suppliers during the event.”

CTW Moroccoproposes impressive opportunities of promoting commerce and investments inareas of common interests, but it also closes gaps in the areas of energy,electric lighting, construction material, machinery, electronics, fashion andrelated accessories, textiles, leisure goods, and the fair provides the chanceto negotiate potential partnerships in commerce based on the best quality-pricerelation. ***ends**


Parallel to the exhibition, CTWMorocco provides a B2B platform to ensure direct encounters between companyrepresentatives from Morocco and producers, and distributors, exporters andimporters from China.

Details of China Trade Week (CTW) Morocco:

Date: Thursday, December 6 – Saturday, December8, 2018 (three days)

Openinghours: 10am – 6pm, daily

Location: Foire Internationale de Casablanca (AMDIE), Casablanca

Costs: Entry for visitors is free

Organiser: MIE Events DMCC

Website(s): en.mieevents.com


Twitter: @ChinaTradeWeek

All visitors have the chance to win a Huawei tablet in a businesscard raffle draw.


Ms. Naïma Ouardane

Directeur Général

Agence Forum 7


+212 661 454 601

Mr. Zahoor Ahmed

International Events Director



[1]source:CGTN Africa