14 - 16 Nov 2023

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MIE GROUPS signed MoU with Made in Africa Initiative to form a strategic partnership

Dubai-based consultancy and event organizer MIE Groups, the firm behind the successful China Trade Week (CTW) series across the Middle East and Africa and Made in Africa Initiative (MIAI), an international NGO signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Based on this MoU, both sides agreed to raise the profile of CTW events, promote the CTW branding and related MIE activities and to jointly spur bilateral trade between China and Africa.

David Wang, Chairman and Founder, MIE Groups, said: “We are extremely happy to welcome MIAI as our new partner to promote foreign direct investments in Africa. The MoU is in line with China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) which aims to economically integrate Asia with the Middle East and Africa region and Europe.”

Helen Hai, CEO of Made in Africa Initiative and UNIDO Goodwill Ambassador, said: “The MoU is an important step for us to make more new friends who are sharing similar vision and passion on the sustainable development for Africa economy. We are very happy that Made in Africa Initiative will be able to reach out to new markets together with MIE Group via its expanding network of fairs and conferences in Africa.”

Zahoor Ahmed, Vice President, Strategy and Partnerships, MIE Groups, said: “We are delighted to offer MIAI a prominent branding and partnership positioning in all CTW communication channels and at our series of trade fairs, B2B matchmaking sessions and conferences across Africa.”

MIE GROUPS runs trade shows in the following African markets: Morocco, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa. MIAI, currently is working as the industrialization and economic development advisor for both public and private players in over 10 African countries on the cooperation between China and Africa.

About MIE Groups/CTW
The successful industry leading China Trade Week (CTW) Portfolio connects local businesses with the most innovative Chinese firms, manufacturers, ICT providers and stakeholders. In support of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), CTW organizer MIE Events DMCC, Dubai, provides a comprehensive framework for organising and managing multi-national economic development and trade platforms. We have been organising CTW platforms since 2012 in the Middle East and Africa, including Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, UAE and Morocco. The continuous support and commitment of public and private institutions for CTW, ensures that very best of Chinese Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Innovation and ICT sectors are represented throughout the CTW Portfolio. MIE Events DMCC is a 20-year-old organisation and is part of Shanghai-based MIE Groups, a Business to Government Consultancy, which operates 8 offices across China with the International Head Quarters based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In 2019, CTW will be expanding the portfolio and take it to the next level through expanding to Saudi Arabia, Rwanda and Algeria. MIE Groups global aim is to become the leading market intelligence platform in relation to BRI and China Global Trade.

About Made in Africa Initiative (MIAI)
Made in Africa Initiative believes that Africa can become the next manufacturing hub for global markets and aims to help Africa capture the window of opportunity for industrialization arising from the production capacity cooperation from China and other emerging market economies. What Africa needs now is success stories to provide the aspiration, confidence, and experience for realizing its potential for industrialization and shared prosperity. Made in Africa Initiative has been devoted to help Africa exploit this window of opportunity to achieve dynamic, sustainable, and inclusive growth by creating pilot successes in African countries. Together with global partners, MIAI is developing a successful and unique approach to attracting new investment through connecting the dots in global value chain, namely international manufacturers (especially those based in China), buyers (generally based in North America and Europe), traders and governments in many Africa, which have already generated over 100,000 direct and indirect jobs of the past several years.

Source: https://www.heuredujournal.com/mie-groups-signed-mou-with-made-in-africa-initiative-to-form-a-strategic-partnership/