16 - 18 Dec 2019

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Shifang City Zhongbang E-commerce Co., Ltd

Shifang Zhongbang Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. was established on June 06, 2017. It is registered in No. 1, Tuojiang Road, Southern District, Shifang Economic Development Zone, Deyang City, Sichuan Province. Its legal representative is Wang Peng. Business scope includes Internet wholesale (excluding pre-license and post-license to carry out business activities with valid license); hardware retail; Internet information service; tourism management service (operating activities with valid license); tourist hotels (operating activities with valid license); tourist bus passenger transport service (operating activities with valid license); software operation; Distribution; Tourism Consulting Service; Delivery Goods Service; Internet Retail (without Pre-Permit and Post-Permit and with Effective Permit to Conduct Mutual Activities); Landscape Greening Project Construction; Property Service; Property Management; Value-added Telecom Service